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Jo Ann Alford

Art has played many roles in my life―from making a living to healing my soul. At times it is a joy. At other times it becomes a painful discipline. Through the many transitions in my artwork there have been invaluable experiences, but the best gift is when the work speaks not only to me―but to others.

Most of my artwork has been non-objective, giving viewers more opportunity to explore each piece.

I usually have a general idea of the basic form the Collages will take, but I am flexible as I respond to the lines, shapes and colors as each one evolves.

While using varied techniques, my Watercolor pieces begin with spontaneous gestures that lead to elements that reflect the fluid nature of the medium.

My pen and ink explorations have developed into a style of Asemic Writing ... a form of script with no content that is open to multiple interpretations.

The first brushstrokes and bits of paper in my work become a catalyst for the journey that will lead to my final destination. It is always interesting to see where that journey will take me.

Contact Information:
2101 Pender Ave.
Wilmington, NC 28403

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Email: joannalford@yahoo.com

Website: joannalfordart.com

Listing Information:
Visual: Collage
Visual: Other
Visual: Watercolor

Member Since: 03-16-2015

Collage Collage Concerto (Asemic Writing) Fortress (Collage) Gateway Series #7 (Collage) Sacred Spaces Series #2 (Collage) Stiletto (Watercolor)

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