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Tim Fitzgerald has been drawing and painting from a very early age. As a young man, he studied at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute before the Vietnam War and a stint in the Navy intervened. In subsequent years, he carried a watercolor paint box with him as he traveled the world for the State Department.
    He has been painting full time from his studio on Oak Island, North Carolina since 1998. Tim regards painting primarily as an exercise in problem-solving. The only way to master the discipline is to practice, practice, practice. “I have always been a visual thinker,” he says. “I guess that’s why my schoolteachers had trouble getting me to think their way. Colors and numbers feel warm and cool to me, for instance. Even numbers are warm so I feel comfortable with them. Odd numbers are cold so I avoid them.”
Tim thinks the words “artist” and “Muse” get bandied about much too freely these days. He proudly calls himself a painter, and considers himself a perpetual student of the medium. His work keeps evolving as he strives to get at the essence of the subject, not just an accurate depiction of it. He paints in his studio, and occasionally en plein air. While oil color is his medium of choice, he still loves doing watercolor sketches. He is also very proud of his acceptance into Oil Painters of America.

Before you purchase a painting:  Inviting a painting into your home is a big decision, one that can enrich the rest your life, if you choose wisely. Remember that great art will last in your home longer than any electronic device, carpet, or appliance. If the piece is well made, it will be passed down for generations. Trust your eye, and buy a piece of art because you love it.

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120ne 13th street
(910) 278-1566

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Email: tim@timothyfitzgerald.net

Website: timothyfitzgerald.net

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Boat Launch 22x25 oil Mahogany Morning 24x36 oil Tuckaseegee Christmas 24x36 oil Purple Haze 24x36 oil Shipping News 16x20 oil ss Kathleen 36x24 oil The \"Kathleen Louis\" 36\" x 48\" oil

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