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Opening in May of this year, Expo 216 is theme-driven “gallerium” focusing on a single social or environmental issue. The inaugural theme, Ocean Plastic, runs until December 2016 and was inspired by a photograph of an albatross with ingested plastic by nature photographer, David Liittschwager. Visitors will view multiple components of the theme including: CSI: Albatross, solve the mystery of who killed the albatross; Fashion in Plastic, nine stunning fashion creations crafted by local designers; The Plastic Age, an insightful history of the invention of plastic; What Goes Around, Comes Around by Bonnie Monteleone; Light Within the Darkness: What Lies Beneath by Alexandra Morse; along with provocative and thought-provoking art by local artists.

Expo 216 is a non-profit, specialty museum that encourages conscious living through heightened awareness of social and environmental issues. It incorporates over 5,000 square feet of a newly renovated building in historic downtown Wilmington. Admission is free and open to the public. Expo 216 participates in downtown Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Walk. Groups may call ahead to schedule a private tour of the exhibitions or learn more about our programming online. Admission is free.

Open hours are Noon - 6pm Wednesday through Sunday. Expo 216 will be open every fourth Friday during the Fourth Friday Gallery Nights from 6 -9 pm.

Contact Information:
Linda Look
216 N Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

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Email: info@expo216.com

Website: expo216.com

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