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The NC Production Exchange is a listing service for local film production projects, production companies and special events which are looking for investors.

Production is a capital intensive business. Providing access to capital is a key component in building a sustainable future for the production industry in North Carolina. In recognition of that need it is my intention, with the NC Production Exchange , to build a bridge between our production community and our investment community. I believe a successful effort will lead to lasting relationships and more sustainable, indigenous production. Investors will grow to understand the needs of the production community and producers will grow to understand the demands of capital investment. Together the two communities can develop a clean, prosperous industry for future generations of North Carolinians.

Contact Information:
Steven Fox
PO Box 308
Wilmington, NC 28402
910 262 1332

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Email: inquiriesncpx@gmail.com

Website: ncproductionexchange.com/

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Member Since: 10-10-2015

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