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Creative Wilmington's Creative Categories List for "Dance: Individuals"

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Choreographer: Abstract
Choreographer: African
Choreographer: Ballet
Choreographer: Ballroom
Choreographer: Barn Dance
Choreographer: Belly Dance
Choreographer: Bolero
Choreographer: Bossa Nova
Choreographer: Cha-Cha
Choreographer: Charleston
Choreographer: Conga
Choreographer: Contre
Choreographer: Cotillion
Choreographer: Country
Choreographer: Exotic
Choreographer: Fandango
Choreographer: Flamenco
Choreographer: Foxtrot
Choreographer: Hip-Hop
Choreographer: Hoedown
Choreographer: Hussle
Choreographer: Improvisation
Choreographer: Interpretive
Choreographer: Jazz
Choreographer: Jig
Choreographer: Jitterbug
Choreographer: Limbo
Choreographer: Lindy
Choreographer: Mambo
Choreographer: Merengue
Choreographer: Modern
Choreographer: One-Step
Choreographer: Other
Choreographer: Polka
Choreographer: Rumba
Choreographer: Salsa
Choreographer: Samba
Choreographer: Shag
Choreographer: Shuffle
Choreographer: Square Dance
Choreographer: Stomp
Choreographer: Swing
Choreographer: Tango
Choreographer: Tap
Choreographer: Two-Step
Choreographer: Waltz
Coach: Abstract
Coach: African
Coach: Ballet
Coach: Ballroom
Coach: Barn Dance
Coach: Belly Dance
Coach: Bolero
Coach: Bossa Nova
Coach: Cha-Cha
Coach: Charleston
Coach: Conga
Coach: Contre
Coach: Cotillion
Coach: Country
Coach: Exotic
Coach: Fandango
Coach: Flamenco
Coach: Foxtrot
Coach: Hip-Hop
Coach: Hoedown
Coach: Hussle
Coach: Improvisation
Coach: Interpretive
Coach: Jazz
Coach: Jig
Coach: Jitterbug
Coach: Limbo
Coach: Lindy
Coach: Mambo
Coach: Merengue
Coach: Modern
Coach: One-Step
Coach: Other
Coach: Polka
Coach: Rumba
Coach: Salsa
Coach: Samba
Coach: Shag
Coach: Shuffle
Coach: Square Dance
Coach: Stomp
Coach: Swing
Coach: Tango
Coach: Tap
Coach: Two-Step
Coach: Waltz
Company / Troupe
Dancer: Abstract
Dancer: African
Dancer: Ballet
Dancer: Ballroom
Dancer: Barn Dance
Dancer: Belly Dance
Dancer: Bolero
Dancer: Bossa Nova
Dancer: Cha-Cha
Dancer: Charleston
Dancer: Conga
Dancer: Contre
Dancer: Cotillion
Dancer: Country
Dancer: Exotic
Dancer: Fandango
Dancer: Flamenco
Dancer: Foxtrot
Dancer: Hip-Hop
Dancer: Hoedown
Dancer: Hussle
Dancer: Improvisation
Dancer: Interpretive
Dancer: Jazz
Dancer: Jig
Dancer: Jitterbug
Dancer: Limbo
Dancer: Lindy
Dancer: Mambo
Dancer: Merengue
Dancer: Modern
Dancer: One-Step
Dancer: Other
Dancer: Polka
Dancer: Rumba
Dancer: Salsa
Dancer: Samba
Dancer: Shag
Dancer: Shuffle
Dancer: Square Dance
Dancer: Stomp
Dancer: Swing
Dancer: Tango
Dancer: Tap
Dancer: Two-Step
Dancer: Waltz
Instructor: Abstract
Instructor: African
Instructor: Ballet
Instructor: Ballroom
Instructor: Barn
Instructor: Belly
Instructor: Bolero
Instructor: Bossa Nova
Instructor: Cha-Cha
Instructor: Charleston
Instructor: Conga
Instructor: Contre
Instructor: Cotillion
Instructor: Country
Instructor: Exotic
Instructor: Fandango
Instructor: Flamenco
Instructor: Foxtrot
Instructor: Hip-Hop
Instructor: Hoedown
Instructor: Hussle
Instructor: Improvisation
Instructor: Interpretive
Instructor: Jazz
Instructor: Jig
Instructor: Jitterbug
Instructor: Limbo
Instructor: Lindy
Instructor: Mambo
Instructor: Merengue
Instructor: Modern
Instructor: One-step
Instructor: Other
Instructor: Polka
Instructor: Rumba
Instructor: Salsa
Instructor: Samba
Instructor: Shag
Instructor: Shuffle
Instructor: Square
Instructor: Stomp
Instructor: Swing
Instructor: Tango
Instructor: Tap
Instructor: Two-Step
Instructor: Waltz
Pilates Instructor
Yoga Instructor

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