Pedestrian Art


Talking Tubes by Younkins-Herzog

Cornus Florida

Cornus Florida by Jeff Hackney

The Arts Council of Wilmington is pleased to announce the installation of five new works in its popular Pedestrian Art program. Three works by Sarasota, Florida sculptor Joni Younkins-Herzog are installed at 6th & Castle streets, the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, and Cucalorus Film Festival on Princess St. and will remain on display through March, 2014. Two works by Jeff Hackney are displayed at 305 Chestnut St. and 925 N. 4th st.

“PedArt has always served as an economic, cultural, and visual stimulus in our community,” said Rhonda Bellamy, executive director of the Arts Council of Wilmington. We look forward to growing a creative culture which enhances the public space using a wide range of artistic styles, themes, and media. In addition to introducing our citizens to the diversity of contemporary public art and artists, we are creating additional points of interest for tourists.”

The installation is sponsored by the Arts Council of Wilmington and New Hanover County.

About the Artists

Joni Younkins-Herzog grew up in the suburban sprawl outside of Atlanta, Georgia. After enjoying extended undergraduate studies in Athens, Georgia she moved to pursue an MFA in Sculpture from Indiana University. Her work has been featured in exhibitions across the country, including New York, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, the “Art Prize” in Grand Rapids, Michigan; internationally in Pabianice, Poland; Cajabamba, Peru, and recently in Sang Arts Village, Ghana where she created large outdoor works.

“My sculptures combine beauty with absurdity often blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Utilizing many mediums, I lure the viewer in with luscious colors and materials, to contemplate anxious content in close proximity. My search for beauty and purpose manifests into forms that abstract femininity and vitality. Reshaping the body reflects a delight in making allegory; combined with grafting elements onto the human form demonstrating my curiosity about science, medicine and the search for human perfection. My sculptures are hybrids, psychological mythologies, and manifestations of our bodies- simultaneously grotesque, absurd and sometimes funny. Within my work the human body is displaced retaining ranges of recognizable features-but what remains behind is an interest in the dispersal and fertilization of the feminine mystique.”

Hillsborough, NC sculptor Jeff Hackney says the transition to professional sculptor was a natural progression for him after twenty-five years of design and construction experience as well as a lifetime of curiosity about structure and balance. By experimenting with traditional techniques in wood, steel, concrete and bronze, he works to explore the limits of material possibilities. Bending concrete, coaxing organic forms out of steel, making steel rods and brass mesh float on water, expands his own as well as the material possibilities. Since September 2007, he has entered eight juried shows comprised of over 2,920 national and international artist applicants and has taken honors in six of the eight, including Best in Show. His works have been collected in both private and public collections in eleven states including the permanent collections of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County and Burlington-Alamance
County. In January 2012, he was selected as one of the commissioned artists for Playable Art Park, Sandy Springs, GA.